What is "Refining Chaos"? 

Refining Chaos is communication device that articulates the way I most naturally work. Refining Chaos is taking undeveloped tangible or intangible building blocks and preparing and strengthening them to be used to create something useful. It is separate from searching for and extracting usable goods or "raw materials" and from creating and maintaining a structure created from those building blocks. 

During this refinement stage, the "raw materials" are subjected to rigorous "testing" to determine which materials are the best and what may be done to improve them, so that the building they are used to construct may last longer and require less maintenance, thus resulting in decreased cost to build and increased value to sell. Performing this "testing" requires the consideration of both how the "raw materials" will be used in the construction process and the numerous ways the "raw materials" may be altered and enhanced in order to create the best possible refinement process. 

This sort of metaphorical "refining" applies literally to constructing buildings, but may apply conceptually to a wide variety of settings, including, but not limited to: 

- Creative Projects
- Strategic Planning
- Organizational and Procedural Structuring

- Project Management
- Scientific and Innovative Development

So what does this mean literally

This means that I approach every project or job with the intention to examine what I have to work with, determine the end goal of that project and the organization for whom the project is for, subject the controllable variables of my work process to literal and hypothetical tests, and evaluate objectively which arrangement of those variables is the best for accomplishing the end goals of both the project and the organization at large. 

This means that I do not:
a) become stagnant and never improve
b) become compartmentalized and not understand "the big picture"
c) work quickly in constant new and entirely unexplored territory
d) neglect to consider many possible effects of my actions
e) fail to connect the big-picture with the details
f) work with great breadth and immediacy and fail to focus

Instead, I am second in a process of five stages:

1. Finding and extracting raw materials
2. Processing raw materials for use through refining and removal of impurities to increase strength
3. Planning how to use processed materials for construction
4. Building processed materials using construction plan
5. Maintaining construction


That's Refining Chaos.