A puzzle is made of many pieces, and every piece is part of a puzzle.


A puzzle is not made of hundreds of pieces all separately. Before the image can come together, the pieces must first lock together. A company is the same way. It is not made of accounting, marketing, executives, and customers separately, in isolated bins never affecting one another. For a company to be successful, each piece has to lock together to the next one. Otherwise, accounting will never get a list of expenses to report, marketing will never get the information it needs, executives will never have their orders delivered, and customers will not get the service they were promised, and the company will fail. For a film to be impactful, each artistic medium - dialogue, lighting, music, has to work with each other to tell a story. Otherwise, the audience will get confused and lose interest. All the pieces work together to make something bigger than themselves.


That's how I work. I see all the pieces all at once and how they connect. That's how I make my decisions, by digesting information about every piece, matching them with other pieces, and then forming a picture with all the pieces. No decision is made in isolation. One piece leads to the next and that piece leads to the next. Once all the pieces are in place, the picture can be hung on the wall.


Dump all the pieces on the table and you have chaos. Put them together and they make sense. And when they make sense, you make money.