I create clarity, consistency, and efficiency for creative agencies by navigating raw ideas, critiquing strategies, and creating systems

You've got lots of wildly creative people on your team with tons and tons of talent. Their stuff looks amazing and your clients love it. Your team is so passionate and enthusiastic, they make every day you spend working with them an incredible joy. 

But you've got a feeling in the pit of your stomach. At first, you thought it was just a random, unreasonable fear that would go away, but it kept coming back. Business is great now, but what about in five years, ten years? What if your team is too creative to be effective? 

It feels awful to think that. Creativity is what the industry expects, right? That bundle of exciting emotions and tons of out-of-the-box ideas is what keeps the clients happy and you in business. But sometimes that endless stream of new and exciting ideas seems wandering and aimless. Sure, the team loves the new project; sure, the clients feel like a kid on Christmas when they see their new look, but how will that move their company forward; how will that move your company forward? 

Hire Someone else to be the bad guy

Creatives don't like to be managed. They want to be creative and explore. Businesses, on the other hand, need to be managed, or they will go out of business. You know all too well that in agency life there's a line smaller than a strand of a spider web between good management and creative exploration. You manage the money and all of that, but how does one manage creative projects? How does one even know how to evaluate a creative project to tell if it's hitting the mark?