Brand Messaging Creation/Refining

Brand Messaging is the clear and concise articulation of the core ideas and goals that drive your business. This "messaging" is a system of several statements that answer different questions about your brand from several different viewpoints. Creating statements to answer these questions ensures that your brand is strong and consistent from multiple angles. 

Making sure your brand is consistent from different angles increases your customer retention rate because it increases the probability that potential customers will remember it. If your brand messaging is not consistent, it will cause confusion and frustration among your potential customers, and decreases the chance that they will choose you as their provider. 

Once your Brand Messaging is clear, you will then be able to use it as a guide for everything your business does, from daily operations to expanding into new markets, and from online advertising to hiring decisions. With this new clarity, you will be able to spend less time figuring out your business as you go and more time taking action that brings in revenue. 



  • Initial meetings to learn about the tangible things you do in your business and the convictions behind them

  • Creation/refining of the Brand Messaging statements

  • Revising the Brand Messaging statements