Google “marketing videos”. You’ll find hundreds of different kinds of videos, and lots of ways to categorize them. But do you really need all those videos to start your business? Of course not! That said, you’ll want to make a few videos before you start your business.


The Brand Overview Video introduces the viewer to your business. It is designed to communicate who you are, what you do, and why you are relevant to the viewer. It should be featured on the homepage of your website, and watching it should be the first thing your viewers do on your website.


If your business is solely product focused, you might consider making an Explainer Video instead of or in place of the Brand Overview Video. This video is designed to give a step by step explanation of how your product works and how your customers can benefit from it.


Okay, you can’t make this one until after your start your business. But you’ll want to make one as soon as possible, because nothing beats a story of a firsthand experience with your product or service.


This one is not as essential to the others, but does make a nice addition to them. This video is a documentary about the beginning of your business. It adds a human touch to your brand and lets your viewers get to you and the people who make your business a success.

Those are the essential videos to starting a business. No need to wade through complicated lists of thirty-plus kinds of videos. Start with these, and you’ll be good to go for now!