You know you need video. You know there are professionals who make videos. But you also know that you can make them on your own with your own thoughts and your phone’s camera. So when do you need to hire a professional? 

There are two signs you need to hire a video professional. The first is when you know you’re over or under communicating. You know your stuff, but do you know how best to describe it? A pro can help you sort it out and look at it from different perspectives by asking questions. 

The second is when you know you need to make a good impression. This one is tricky, because you know you always want to make a good impression. But to be honest, you don’t always have to be polished, and your clients don’t always want you to be polished. Sometimes, they want to see the unedited you. Other times, though, they want proof of your credibility and capabilities. On those occasions, you’ll want to hire a professional, because they can make you look like you know what you’re doing. Typically, you can get away with behind the scenes videos and quick, casual video updates on your own. Video blog content can go either way. For brand awareness content and product/service marketing, you might want to hire a professional.